We’re Launching an Escrow Fund

Divest Harvard: Because Our Endowment Shouldn’t Sanction Climate Disaster

We desperately need governmental action to solve the climate crisis– but the fossil fuel industry has a stranglehold on our political system. Through the millions of dollars the industry spends each year to influence elections, lobby politicians, and spread climate denialism, they have successfully crippled our government’s ability to take climate action.

Divestment will decrease the political power of the fossil fuel industry by taking away their social license.  Today, politicians will refuse donations from tobacco corporations because they do not want to be associated with the industry’s toxic image. We need politicians to treat fossil fuel corporations the same way, and divestment will help us get there.

According to the Harvard Corporation’s Senior Fellow Robert Reischauer, divestment of Harvard’s direct holdings would “likely have little impact” on our endowment’s returns. However, the administration has been unwilling to work with the thousands of students, alumni, and faculty calling on them to divest.

Today, we’re asking for your help. You want to support Harvard, but you don’t want your money to sanction climate disaster—so we’ve created an alternative. By donating to the Divest Harvard Escrow Fund, you will be both supporting Harvard and encouraging the administration to uphold our University’s mission to serve future generations.

More details on our campaign and the escrow fund are coming soon. In the meantime, please fill out this form if you are interested in supporting the fund.

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