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Faculty Voices:

  • “Everything we do at Harvard—the learning and teaching that happens in the classroom, the research that happens in the library and laboratory—is an investment in the future. Harvard’s financial investments should likewise support the future health of communities and ecosystems, not short-term and unsustainable profits. It is time to use Harvard’s enormous resources to support a healthy future for all of us.” –Dan McKanan, Emerson Senior Lecturer, Harvard Divinity School
  • “Human-induced climate change is a looming disaster and weaning our societies from fossil fuel is therefore critical.  It’s fantastic that the students of Divest Harvard are supporting the global divestment movement.  Divest Harvard reminds President Drew Faust and other Harvard adminstrators that ethical investments matter. In fact, President Faust and other university presidents already know this—institutions of higher education are perceived to be societal leaders, not just money-making schemes. (If it were just about the money, universities would invest in Internet pornography; they don’t, because they would lose prestige if they did.)  Anthropogenic climate change is not just a scientific fact but an ethically compromised state of being, given the human misery it will cause.  Harvard’s investment strategies are responsible only if they bear this in mind.” — Joyce Chaplin, James Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History
  • “I support fossil fuel divestment because profits from investments in these corporations are a form of blood money. By failing to divest, Harvard effectively subsidizes an industry that is destroying our future — the future bequeathed to its students. On what planet is that not wrong?”– James Recht, Clinical Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School
  • I support fossil fuel divestment because I believe that any person or organization that invests funds in these corporations is complicit in aggravating and accelerating the environmental problems that threaten the future of human civilization. I believe those of us who have money are responsible for voting for sustainability with our feet. –Dr. May Moreshet, Harvard School of Public Health



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