Meet Our Board Members

Name: Naima Drecker-Waxman
Position: Co-Coordinator
Age: 19
Year of Graduation: 2018
Concentration: History and Literature
Hometown: New York, NY

 Franta - Headshot for OSAName: Ben Franta
Position: Alumni Coordinator
Age: 27
Year of Graduation: 2015 (PhD)
Concentration: Applied Physics
Hometown: Elkader, IA
Why I’m Part of Divestment: We’ve known about human-induced climate change for over 20 years — a generation.  We’ve known that investing in the continued dominance of the fossil fuel industry translates directly into profiting from our own children’s suffering.  And we’ve known these things with scientific certainty.  That generation over the past 20 years may have been the first in history to make the decision, with full knowledge, to profit from the suffering of its own children and grandchildren — and it must be the last.

divest headshotName: Jasmine Opie
Position: Faculty Liaison
Age: 21
Year of Graduation: 2016
Concentration: Philosophy with a secondary Environmental Science and Public Policy
Hometown: Cotuit, MA
Why I’m Part of Divestment: Broadly speaking, I’m involved in climate activism because climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. The action necessary to save our planet, pointing us toward a sustainable future, will secure basic rights, health, and opportunity for all of earth’s citizens. With this backdrop in mind, I feel that an institution like Harvard, which often seems to command such respect on an international level, has a responsibility to be worthy of such respect by demonstrating values that promote this sustainable future. Divestment is really exciting to me because it is a strategy that allows us, as a community, to be leaders not just academically, but also morally.