Harvard Heat Week Update: Student Day Call to Action

Divest Harvard expanded its blockade again early Thursday morning by blocking administrators’ access to all six entrances of University Hall, while maintaining the currently blockaded three doors of Massachusetts Hall. These actions aim to increase pressure on Harvard to divest from fossil fuel companies by stopping business as usual where the President works.

The blockades launched on Student Day – calling all students to come out to the Yard to show their support for divestment. Divest Harvard has already mobilized over 1000 students, faculty, alumni, and community members, and some have traveled across the country to stand in solidarity. Despite this massive outpouring of support, the administration has chosen to hide from our voices, treating this growing coalition of support for divestment from fossil fuels as temporary. But we are committed to fighting for a more just future and to making this institution accountable to its students.

We call for divestment because we believe that Harvard should not support and profit from the destruction of the planet. We also believe that Harvard should not invest in companies blocking political solutions that would transition us towards a sustainable future.

It is our responsibility to act now to mitigate climate change. That starts with having our voices heard. We are in the heart of campus voicing our concerns to show the administration that we need to do all we can to reverse climate change – and we need to do it now.

For this institution, business as usual means supporting fossil fuel companies. Because of this, we have expanded our disruption of business as usual. Today, we are showing the support and solidarity for this movement on a scale greater than ever before.

Today is about showing student power and support for climate justice. Please join us at 5 PM for a special solidarity action!