Harvard Heat Week Update: Silent Protest Outside Faust’s Speaking Engagement

Throughout Harvard Heat week, Harvard’s top decision-makers have been hiding from both their students and from the issue of climate justice. They must face the broad, diverse, and growing coalition behind divestment from fossil fuels. We may not all agree on divestment, but surely we can agree about the vital importance of fairly considering every possible tactic to address the climate crisis.

This afternoon President Faust spoke at the first lecture of the Tanner Lectures on Human Values at Emerson Hall. We stood in silent protest outside Emerson Hall–not to disrupt or attack the event she was attending, but to confront her with our presence, and by extension, the issue of climate justice. She did not engage in conversation with us.

Tomorrow is Harvard Heat Week’s Student Day. This university must recognize the diverse and significant student support for divestment. We invite all students to be active participants in this movement, and come out to the student rally outside Massachusetts Hall at 10 am on Thursday.