Harvard Heat Week – Email


As you may know, Divest Harvard is planning Harvard Heat Week, a week of action taking place April 12th to the 17th. We write today to clarify our plans in light of the email sent by Dean Lassonde to all College students. We appreciate the administration’s note of support for climate action and want to express that the organizers of this event have been equally concerned about the safety and security of students while planning.

The actions and events that Divest Harvard is planning for the coming week are in no way intended to make students late to class or to disrupt the activities of the general student body.  In fact, our civil disobedience does not target students at all. We are targeting the administration and the Harvard Corporation because they have the authority to divest Harvard’s endowment from fossil fuels.

This action will be peaceful and civil. All participants are taking part in direct action trainings and pledging to be respectful and nonviolent. Like the administration, we are committed to the safety and security of our community. Furthermore, we should clarify that most of the people who will be coming to Cambridge to participate in Heat Week are alumni and other non-student members of the Harvard community. These people are returning to an institution they have a stake in because they feel that they have a responsibility to make it better, and we invite all current Harvard students who feel the same way to join us in the coming week.

We look forward to seeing you!

– Divest Harvard