Divest Harvard to students of color at Mizzou and Yale

Divest Harvard stands in solidarity with students of color at the University of Missouri and Yale University who are fighting against systemic racism to reclaim their campuses. We recognize that the actions of these brave students are not just reactions to isolated events, but are instead thoughtful and impassioned responses to the structures of racism and oppression that are deeply embedded in their institutions. We are also appalled at the violent backlash that students of color are facing as a result of their courageous actions. Even as we stand in awe of the work of student activism at Mizzou and Yale, we hope our peers continue to find strength and healing in themselves and in their communities.

As activists, students of color, and allies on Harvard’s campus, we are inspired by the organizing that is happening on both of these campuses to challenge institutionalized racism. We are moved by their demonstrations of strength and resilience. We recognize that this is not a new struggle but rather that these actions constitute one moment in the movement for racial justice that is our generation’s duty to carry forward. Divest Harvard commits to supporting the efforts of resilience movements on campuses across the country, including ours, and we commit ourselves to confronting the racism and oppression that is still prevalent here at Harvard.

We stand behind these students and their vision of a world where people of color are no longer oppressed by systemic racial injustice; where students of color feel safe and included on their own campuses; and where everyone is free from intolerance and the threat of violence in their own communities.