Divest Harvard Statement on President Faust’s Climate Panel

Divest Harvard, like Harvard’s administration, recognizes the necessity of varied, creative, and reasoned solutions to the mammoth problem that is climate change. We applaud all that Harvard has done to shed light on the immanent consequences of climate change and the actions they have taken toward solutions. Unfortunately, Harvard has neglected and dismissed one critical tool at their disposal—namely, divestment from fossil fuel companies. This is a tool that combats the political challenges of addressing climate change.

Moreover, the time for discussion alone has passed. As Harvard continues to discuss climate change broadly, morally bankrupt fossil fuel companies disproportionately jeopardize lives in low-income and minority communities, spread climate misinformation, and profit from an extractive business model that science tells us is fundamentally untenable. The time for discussion alone has passed and we urgently need strong action—action that reflects the urgency of this issue, and that addresses the political stagnation perpetuated by the fossil fuel industry. We call on the University to not only seriously engage in discussion about divestment, but to also take the action so clearly available to it.

We hope you will join us after President Faust’s forum for a teach-in and rally focused on divestment. Then, consider joining us for a week of action and civil disobedience calling on Harvard University to stand with its students, faculty, and alumni, and against the corporations that undermine our future. This action alone will not solve the climate crisis. Crucially, however, divestment will create the political space for the solutions—including those the University is so proud to have produced—to be implemented.