Divest Harvard Statement on Black Lives Matter

Divest Harvard believes that the climate movement can never be just or successful if black lives do not matter as much as white ones in the United States. The unjust status quo in this country that perpetuates institutionalized racism and violence is deeply intertwined with the fossil fuel-based economy. It situates the extraction and refinement of fossil fuels in marginalized communities of color and is in line with a trajectory towards climate catastrophe that will hit communities of color first and hardest.

Yet Divest Harvard recognizes that our beliefs mean nothing without action. We must stand in absolute solidarity with this powerful movement–on our campuses, in the streets of our cities and hometowns, and in our personal relationships. We challenge our supporters and all those in the climate movement to do the same: to hear the Black Lives Matter movement’s call for justice, to recognize that call’s echoes in our own movement, and–above all–to keep disrupting the misguided “peace” that cloaks every kind of injustice.